Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nice New Buildings in Chacala, From My POV

This is Om's new building, designed by her brother, Jose Enrique de Valle, owner of Majahua, Chacala's nicest small resort. This newly developed space is located above the dinghy beach near the muelle. The new construction incorporates the old columns (including the one engulfed by the strangler fig) without covering them. It's a very lovely structure, and could be a calm and peaceful space. Or cheerful and happy one, or whatever Om turns it into.

This new building, Villa Celeste, has four rental units, plus an owner's unit. It is located between the former Casa Azul building and the little bluff overlooking the Malecon and the ocean. Both building are now called Villa Celeste. Reservations can be made at

This is Casa Satow, a brand new duplex with a two-bedroom apartment on each floor. Completely furnished, with kitchens. Casa Satow has a tiled pool, with hot tub, a work-out room, laundry and other guest facilities. The units are located off the street, and the patio area is fenced, offering privacy to the guests.
Paul, the owner, speaks English and is on-site. Telephone English or Spanish, from the US at 011 52 327 219 4111.
I call this building the "White Castle". I don't know if it has a name yet. I have been told it is owned by a family of 11 brothers from Michoacan. Sort of a vacation home, I guess. It has an unusual internal design, and at first I thought it was a casino or some kind of party house. For several weekends earlier this summer there was very, very, loud music coming from the building. It turned out it was local kids practicing dance routines until the wee hours. I don't especially care for the building, but at least it's not blocking the beach. It's located across the paved road from the new hotel, more or less.

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