Monday, September 04, 2006

Some Basic Chacala Houses

Guia and XXXX's house. I think it has about four rooms.
Guia is a gardener, mostly using pots and a cement planter,
to the right in front of the patio.
They seem to have a constuction project every six months of so.
Last one was the new patio roof.
Then a new large window into the kitchen. With glass and screen.
And now something else that seems to involve the roof of the house, maybe.
Three families have lived here at different times since I came to Chacala.
The current family has about 7 kids. The yard floods the entire rainy season.
This is not really house. It's kind of a closed-in set of palapas.
Looking from the road over to Maria and Butcho's place.
There are several gardens, many, many potted plants, and a number of fruit trees here.
And some large nopali cacti and about 15 dogs and cats.
Abandoned for at least four years, probably much longer

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