Thursday, September 07, 2006

Feeling Sort of Alone in Chacala

Went down to Puerto Vallarta this morning, going to the airport with my son. He left today, after a nice 9 day visit. I really, really miss him. I don't remember missing him like this after his first three visits, but today I am really sad and kind of lonely feeling.

Luckily, Aurora flagged down the truck I was riding home in this afternoon and asked me to come visit with her at her mom's. Her mom is still very ill. She is have a hard time and in alot of pain. Not good at all.

There is a Novena going on every evening for the last four or five days for the priest who died last Saturday. I can hear the churchbells ringing right now. When the service is about to begin, someone rings the church bell three diffeent times, about 10 minutes appart. And then the service starts. Chicha lives almost next to the church, so I will probably hear lots of gossip at Frank and Angela's store, which is right between the Church and Chicha's little place.

It turned out the big hang-up with completing the permanent installation of electricity at this house was a paperwork issue. Someone, Trini or me or ???? has to sign a contract about paying for services etc. Trini may have done it today. I will check with her on the way to Chicha's and see what's happening.

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Deborah Midkiff said...

It sounds as if there is a lot of construction going on in your little town. I get the impression, by the tone of your blog, that the gringos are taking over, or does it just seem that way? It is disturbing that they block off the access to the beach. It seems that anyone should be able to enjoy the surf and sand. I understand your lonliness for your son, even though he just left. How often does he get down that way? I really enjoy your stories. Thank-you.