Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Going up to the Frontera

It's that time of year when I have to go up to the U.S. border and return to Mexico. My visa is only good for 180 days, so twice I year I make a bus trip (once on the airplane) and get my new paperwork.

This time I am going on a new route to the border. I am going to Reynosa, on the Mexico/Texas border, instead of my previous closest border town, Nogales, Arizona. This time I be staying in San Miguel de Allende for a bit, and then zipping up to the border from there. And then bussing home to Chacala.

My route from San Miguel to Reynosa is first to San Luis Potosi, then Monterrey, then Reynosa, and then return directtly as possible to Guadalajara and then home. I am hoping the northward trip is about 13 hours, and homeward bound trip about 15 or 16. But who knows.

There are lots of towns and areas I want to see going north, but I don't know how much time I will spending looking around. At least I will know the lay of the land and can return later to see things up close. There are lots of very interesting sounding places in the area north of the highway behind Guadalajara and Mexico City (called "Mexico" or "D.F.") here. I can't wait to see the geography at least.

I am going to spend the night on the way to San Miguel de Allende (SMA) in Guanajuato. It seems to be the favorite town in Mexico for many people, and I am curious. I am staying in an $9 a night hostel, hoping it will be okay. Probably will. I will spend the afternoon and a bit of the next morning looking around Guanajuato, and then head to San Miguel.

Unfortunately, first my newest Lonely Planet guide disappeared into the Mexican postel system after being spent off to Amerika in a gringo's car. Then my older, but still useful version, just plain disappeared. Someone walked off withit, but who knows who. There are very few gringo visitors here this time of year, and even fewer come to my house. Oh well.

This is Moncie (Monserrat), another child
with an unusual name
(at least for me) in Chacala.
I am busy inter-netting for ideas about what to see in SMA. I am especially interested in plant nurseries, gardens, and store with book, magazine,and newspaper in English. And maybe some American food from the grocery store. Don't know exactly what I am thinking of, but I will know it when I see it. Maybe cornmeal for one thing. Instead of masa harina, cornflour for tortillas.

I am picturing sitting around plazas snacking on this and that, and maybe reading an English language newspaper or magazine. And I will be wandering around wherever. And taking some little half-day trips to some trips around SMA. Unfortunately, my first weekend in SMA is a drunken brawl weekend with young men urinating on streets. At least that's what people have been telling me. I think the event is something about bulls but I'm not sure. After that it should be quiet and nice.


late 50's said...

hola, Andee, there is a very interesting garden in San Miguel called the jardin Botanico El Charco Del Ingenio(admission $3) I walked there from el centro SMDA, but you might want to take a taxi. A trail runs through the garden, around a lake, and a small canyon. Emphasis is on cactus and there are lots of different varities.
If you get a chance go to the hot springs outside of town, (take the bus headed for Dolores Hidlago. They all pass by the Hot springs. I liked La Gurta the best, a series of pools linked with the hottest under a "grotto" with a skylight. They have changing rooms and a restaurant there. You can catch a bus back to San Miguel, by standing at the bottom of the small hill where La Gruta is. (if you stand directly at the entrance of La Gruta, the buses won't stop because stopping at top of the hill is dangerous for them)
I have the brand new edition of Lonely planet, email me if you have questions, I can look stuff up for you.

La Gringa said...

Have you checked out this lady's blog? She can probably give you some ideas of what to see while you are there.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how long you will be here the last weekend of September you will be here for the San Miguel Festival. Processions and Fireworks.

We live in SMA and you can contact me
b mercer tx at yahoo dot com
no spaces.