Saturday, September 23, 2006

Walking Around in Centro San Miguel de Allende

When I was walking around the Centro part of SMA the streets were filled with young people wearing red and white, and heading toward the "running of the bulls". I didn't care for the concept and tried to avoid photographing the participants, but some showed up in my photos anyway. But these guys were just workers, unloading a pick-up truck load of fruit into the window of a restaurant's kitchen.

A little later I was at the tienda near my temporary home. The TV at the tienda was showing the bulls running around the streets trying to stab people with their horns. Not that I blame the bulls. It was just so stupid! The TV was showing the event live. Lovely. One young man after another was being tossed in the air by the bulls horns. Then the TV camera moved on to the next idiot, leaving the previous lying in the street, apparently. Actually, there were many many ambulances surround the "bull-run" area, so I suppose they were at least sweeping up the blood. I'll check the streets on Monday, when hopefully, it will all be over.

This lady was selling some items I couldn't identify, and I didn't want to ask her because I would probably feel like I should buy one of whatever they were. There were alot of indigenous women with very small children and babies begging on the street. Sitting in some shady spot with heavy foot traffic. The little boys usually sell little packs of chiclets and the mom's hold out a cup. After the second one I made a rule for myself. Only five donations today.
It was hard to walk by them after the first five. The whole thing about begging is complicated. I don't want children and babies to be hungry, and I guess that's the bottom line for me.
Usually it's managable, the begging thing. My personal guideline is that when I realize I am in an area with a number of beggars I decide what I can afford and stop when I have used it up.

This lovely sculpture (?) is on a building in Centro, and I don't know what it means. I know about El Grito being kind of like our Declaration of Independence but I don't know how this relates to than or if it's about something else all together. I do know it's reminds me of how I feel after a long, hard day or a bad night. Not that I every have those anymore.

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