Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A New Blog for Chacala, Plus Some Favorite Blogs

Polo, Berta, and their daughter, America
Owners of "Polo's Taco" stand and a new home
Some of my favorite blogs/websites are written by people either living in Spanish-speaking countries or gardening in tropical climates. Both of the following blogs meet both these requirements.

La Gringa writes "La Gringa's Blogicito". Her blog is about gardening, and living life in La Ceiba, a medium-sized town on the eastern side of Honduras, Central America.

Bliss, in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, has been making a new home for herself, her husband, and their sailboat, in San Carlos. Bliss's blog is called "The Log of the V.S.Bliss".

La Gringa and Bliss are both great photographers, which really makes reading their blogs enjoyable.

Another favorite of mine is Garden Voices, which shows the first page or maybe 30 blogs everyday. A mix of all different kinds of gardening blogs. Very interesting , great photos.

And finally, the editor of Garden Voices has a blog about gardening in the Mountain States, called Lost Roses. It always cheers me up because she is getting ready for winter. Poor thing!

The Big News for me is...
My son has been teaching me how to create a new website about rentals in Chacala.
It's not a Blogger site. It's called Chacala Budget Rentals and the address is
The other, original rental site, Chacala: finding a rental in Chacala Nayarit will continue to show all the rentals in Chacala (minus one), while the new website will focus on the rentals owned by Spanish speaking landladies without websites.

I am trying to support these landladies, by advertising with these websites and by helping them with reservations and taking deposits. At no charge to either the renters or the landladies.

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myahspirit said...

I would like an address where school supplies could be sent. I am not promising any but I am going to ask people at work for help in sending supplies.
We will be checking your sites for prices of places to stay. We check your blogs everyday.Keep up the good work.