Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kids are so Precious, Especially These Kids in SMA

There are posts about the plants and gardens in San Miguel Allende at Gardener in Mexico.

This morning I went back up to the plant nursery near Gigante to get a plant I saw on my first visit, and still wanted, even thought I thought it cost too much. But before I went to the nursery, I got some groceries, including a snack.

Then I sat on one of the benches in the rotunda, or whatever they can it in Spanish, in the middle of the "mall" outside the Gigante store. I love ithow in Mexico, especially SMA, there are benches everywhere, and almost always in the shade. Very user-friendly. Anway, I was reading the English language newspaper, the Miami Times-Herald, and eating. And then watching this little boy on the coin-operated kiddy car ride. Could have been in any Mall in the world
This is Santdiego, (don't think I spelled that right) and his Dad, Ricardo, after his ride. Of course he wanted another ride and his Dad let me treat him.Ricardo wanted his picture taken too, so here it is.
I took a taxi ride home from Gigante. The driver took the long way home, showing me some sights, including a building above the Parque Juarez and the clothes washing place I visited yesterday. I hadn't even noticed it yesterday, and thought it looked very interesting. It's on El Chorro. The driver said it was an art and music school for kids. At least I think that's what he said. Later this afternoon, after my siesta, I walked back up to the building to take a closer look. It has very large terraced garden in front of it, and other buildings too. A very impressive complex.I had been telling the driver about liking the shrines and gardens for Guadalupe that seem to be all around SMA, and he told me there was a shrine for Guadalupe in the garden there. And there was.And this little girl was there too. I was sitting on one of the benches of the building, listening to someone lay the piano from one of the studios. It was a lovely moment, relaxing and special. This little girl and a woman, maybe her grandmother, were sitting next to me. It turned out they were waiting for her son, who was playing the piano. She was so proud of him. Other people were sitting around the doorway of the studio too, just listening.
When I was walking home from the School, sort of thru the Parque Juarez, and then thru an alley, I totally disoriented and lost. Again. It's fun to be lost in San Miguel. There's always a taxi, if necessary. Then I saw the sign for the name of the beauty parlor that I recognized. It was the name of the place where a lady I met on the bus a few days ago worked. I took some pictures of her on the bus that day, and then we walked together to my bus stop.

Her name was Mari, and as I walked by the beauty parlor, haircutting place, I heard someone calling out. I turned back, and it was Mari. She was all dressed up and looking wonderful. She was on her way back to work after her lunch break. I remembered her named was Mari, but I didn't think she would remember mine. But she remembered my middle name is Marie, and that was good enough.

I was waiting around for the San Antonio bus, for at least 10 minutes, at the most, when this little girl and sat down next to me. She was watching the world from the safety of her mother knee. She was very observant, and serious, but didn't appear to be unhappy. Her aunt was there too, selling the cloth dolls they seem to sell all over town.

Several large groups of school kids, all in red and white, came into El Jardin, on their way to the big church, La Parroquia. They all were very well behaved, and seemed to be following their teacher's directions. Except for these two, who seemed to be happily looking for trouble, or adventure.
This little pair, in their cute little red hats, were about six years old, and precious. Their teacher was standing right behind them, with the teal colored notebook in her hand. They stayed right with her, like little ducklings.

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