Thursday, August 31, 2006

Practice Photos Taken in Chacala

Chiquita, doing her sad and pensive look,
as she waits for her true caretakers return to Chacala
I am learning how to use my new camera, and how to move photos around differently.
Hurricane Juan slowed down and drifted out into the ocean right below Chacala, so we had no hurricane, no winds, and very little rain. All of the adrenaline and none of the mess to clean up.

We collectivo-ed into Las Varas this morning. I wanted to get some new flip-flops after mine self-destructed last night. And we went to the tianguis to check out this weeks plants. Then my son had a torte/sandwich while we waited for the collectivo. I got a bunch of practice snaphots in, and am starting to feel more comfortable with the camera. Daniel, who runs the little taco/torte stand next to the collectivo stop, has an email address, so I am sending him the photos I took of him, his wife, and the shop.

While we were waiting (forever) for the collectivo to show up and take us home to Chacala, we had tortes at Daniel's Taco stand next to the collectivo stop. Daniel and his wife and worker were (I think) willing participants in my taking photos with my new camera.

Now, back at home, we hosed off the veranda and pulled the plants back out onto the veranda. Now I am spending the day putting everything else back in place.


myahspirit said...

I was so happy to see this new post, as I was worried about you. I am happy that the storm missed you. Enjoy your time with your son.

lostsol9 said...

Glad the storm passed without any/much damage, your post to LP brought me to view your com skills here, and my admiration has now grown with this extensive portraiture of townspeople.
From their photos it is easy to tell you are a very trusted neighbour.
Thankyou for continuing to enlighten us with your accounts, stories and photos of Chacala, a town we only visited for a few days during early March of 2005, but which is on the must return-to list of Mexican highlights.
I look forward to reading more!