Monday, September 25, 2006

Beautiful Buildings in SMA, Not However, Beautiful Photos

I just love to peek into open doorways in San Miguel, and see the beautiful patios inside. The patios are such a contrast to the blank, walls and security grates on the street-side. This patio appeared to be the patio for a private apartment complex in a very old building. It's two or three stories high, with open walkways overlooking the patio. The entryway door was open, but there was a sign inside saying "Private Property", in Espanol. I went in a little ways anyway.

The fountain below is the the patio of the Allende Institute, which I think is a language and art school for foreigners, but I very easily could have that wrong. The Institute is in a beautiful building that looks very old.
This windowbox was the second story window of a one door/one window two story house about 15 feet wide.
Looking thru the entry of a very ordinary house in the Colonia San Antonio, into the home's patio and garden.
I got pretty lost this afternoon. I walked and took the bus to the Centro district, and then started walking back from near the really tall, grand, Cathredral, called La Parroquia, I think. I'm sure someone will educate me if I have that wrong.

I keep walking along, hoping I was heading in the right direction. I was, because a Colonia Antonio bus came along and picked me up. My comforting back-up plan for if I get lost is to take a cab home. For 20 pesos. Can't lose, and it makes me feel brave to know I can just wander around anywhere, because a taxi will always show up and take me home.

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myahspirit said...

I think the photos are great. They make me wish I was there to see the sites you get to see. I will in December. It is so hard to wait until then, but I must.