Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Villa Celeste in Chacala

Tonight, on my walk home, I took a look at the construction at the new Villa Celeste. It's behind the Casa Azul building, which will also be called Villa Celeste. The contact info for reservations is listed at the Chacala rentals website.

The new building has some nice details. I think it will be very attractive when it's finished. I was in a hurry and didn't look closely for things like good cross venilation and natural light. It looks like the basic walls, floors, and roof are completed, but there is still alot left to do.

There are two floors. The downstairs has three rental units. Each has a bath with shower, and a room with a kitchen area with an eating counter, a permanent cement base for a queen size mattress, and room for places to sit around. The units are about 14.5 x 16.5 feet, total. Very compact, but it looks like the basics are covered. There is a wide walkway along one side of the building where the front doors to the units are. I think there would be room for some outside chairs or something out there.

The second floor has another similar unit, also with a wide walkway out front, and then a large owner's unit, with a bedroom, bath, kitchen and, sitting area. And access to a nice covered and open patio. With view.

I'll have to check next time I walk around, but I think each of the four units has one large window. And probably a venilation window high up in the shower. The showers look very large. The two units on the ocean end have ocean views. At least the upper one does for sure, and maybe the lower one too, but I didn't notice today. It was almost dark and I was headed home.

The old patio between the old and new buildings seems to still be in place. Maybe with a new flagstone type floor. No view, of course. The old patio overlooking the ocean seems to still be there, partly shaded by the second floor patio. Looks like a nice space. The roof of the second floor is a huge open space with low walls all around. Don't know what that space is. Great view of Chacala though. I think there is a law that a only two story buildings are allowed along the ocean, but I am not sure about that.

Villa Celeste Update
One of the owners of Villa Celeste read this post and offered the following additional information his project.

The color scheme with be a nice yellow and green. I like the sound of that. As you can see from the photo, the yellow was being applied prior to 9/10/06.
The showers are large and tiled.
The units have air con and ceiling fans.
The wide walkways on both floors will serve as patios for the guests, in addition to the two other patios. The patio between the origina building and the new buildng will be redone and have a fountain, and a view of the ocean thru the wide walkway along the side of the new building. I think I got that right.
He didn't mention what's going on the third floor.
The beds are queen-sized and the kitchens include ovens (unusual in Chacala) and an eating counter with stools.
The headboards are very creative wall decorations of embossed cement. That's not a good decription, but the one I saw looked very cool.
Can't think of anything else.
I don't think any of these descriptions applied to the three original units.

Another update:
The two upstairs units in the original building have air con. And kitchens on their patios.
The downstairs two bedroom unit will have air con soon. And has a kitchen and living room


Deborah Midkiff said...

It sounds like it will be nice when completed. Do you have any idea how much a place like that would rent for?

gardenerinmexico said...

My wild guess on the cost would just a guess. The email address is info@villacelestechacala.com, I think. I will check on the email.

La Gringa said...

I love that ashtray! We don't have anything like that here in Honduras.

Anonymous said...

Hi La Gringa. It is nice, but not as nice as the photo (slightly enchanced) makes it look. It's stamped "Made in Honduras" on the back. Just kidding!

Hi Deb
The website for Villa Celeste is www.villacelestechacala.com and this prices are listed there.

There are other more affordable, basic but nice rentals in Chacala, for the less affluence traveller. Just in case you are thinking of coming down.