Friday, September 08, 2006

Swimming in Chacala

Now that my son has gone home, I am reverting to my normal "schedule" of evening walks around town. About 6pm the sun is low enough that I can walk around town in the shade, so that' s when I leave the house. Today I dropped some miscellaneous stuff off at Maria's and headed for Aurora's. A guest at Aurora's, Zoe, left her Telmex phone card at my place yesterday, and I wanted to drop it off.

I had an extra shirt with me, because I wanted to go swimming. Usually I just wear my shorts and shirt in the water, which is pretty common here among women. Then I find somewhere to change shirts so I can walk home in a dry shirt. Went by Juan's tienda to return some deposit beer bottles, and visited with Martine and Marta at Tres Mars for a few minutes. Said "Hi" to them from Lonnie and Carolina. They has spoken on the phone right before the non-Hurricane Juan event, and has big smiles on their faces when I passed on the "Hi".

Walked out on the beach, but the waves looked strange, kind of low and rumbly or something. And no one was in the water, so I walked around the point to the little beach, where yachties leave their dinghies, and fishermen drag their boats in and out of the water. Swam with Berta's niece, Balin, and her daughters, Evelyn and Brenda. The water seems to have cooled off slightly from a few days ago. Now instead of being like hot lukewarm it's medium lukewarm. Not really refreshing, but fun.

After getting into a dry shirt, I walked up the wide steps in front of Casa Tortuga. As I walked by Isreal and Chata's I heard a little call out "Andee" (imagine a Spanish accent, like "O0ndee"). It was Adrian, the 2 year old son of Hector and Angelica, and grandson of Isreal and Chata. He is so precious. I love his serious little face.

Anyway, he came over to me and showed off his rock climbing skills, and then asked me if I wanted a Guayaba, a fruit, from the tree in front of his house. Then he climbed back up on the rock and picked two for me. And gave them to me with the most precious little smile. Made my day.

He kept talking to me and waving as I walked off to the Tienda, and I kept waving back to him.
Hung around Angela's (and Frank's) tienda for water, conversation, and a discussion about when we are going to start having a English group. Talking English, that is. Angela is about to have her second child. Maybe tomorrow. She looked lovely is a soft olive green maternity dress. I think it's her main maternity outfit, and it looks great on her.

I stopped by to visit with Chicha, who is still ill. I offered to get her some juice or yoghurt. She wanted yohgurt. "Activo" yoghurt. Guia, a nieghbor, walked me over to the store to make sure I got the right stuff.

Chico was visiting Chicha, his wife, when we got back. He asked me to come check his blood sugar soon. I said Monday morning. I have been doing it almost three years now. His blood sugar is half of what it was when I first met him. He is a strong advocate of the Tequila cure for diabletes, and it seems to be working for him. Maybe I can write an article on this treatment for a Mexican medical journal. Be good for the Tequila industry.

Visited with whoever was out on the street as I walked home. The kids were playing soccer in the street and the ball came at me, and I actually kicked it back. We were all amazed that I could do it. And I didn't hurt either injured toe. (That's another story). Got home just before dark, and carried the emptied trash can up to the house. It stinks, and I'll have to wash it out tomorrow.

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