Friday, September 15, 2006

Another Hurricane Heading to Chacala, How Boring

Final update: 8am MDT Saturday September 16 - well, it looks like we lucked out again. It rained and blew all night, but nothing serious. It's still raining heavily with some wind, but the eye of the storm is north of us now. There is now only a Tropical Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch for this area. But it sounds like the mainland north of Mazatlan and the east coast of Baja is going to have a time of it.

I just spend a half hour putting everything but my plants back in place. Looks like home again.

Friday, 5pm
It looks like Hurricane Lane (at 5pm, a Class 2 Hurricane) is making his way up the Pacific coast. The maps on the Hurricane website ( show the leading edge just coming even with Chacala now, at about 7pm, but still out over the ocean aways.

Apparently he has moved closer to land than they were predicting, but who knows. The center of it shouldn't be even with us until the middle of the night or early morning, I guess. Juan was a Class 4 or 5 (?) Hurricane but he stayed away from the coast.

With Hurricane Juan, the trees weren't blowing in the wind, and they are a little now. It will be dark soon so I won't have to look at them and worry. I moved everything off both porches except the plants, but they are tucked in close to the house under the roof. Best I can do. I am not messing around moving stuff around in the house unless something really starts happening. I hate the thought of moving everything back in place, but I would hate having everything lost and ruined even more.

Oh well, another boring day in paradise. Not really boring. I had a nice day. Rained most of the day, but I got some photos of the church in this morning. It's wonderful to watch the church grow from a beautiful empty shell to a very pleasant and comfortable space for people to worship.
I did a big cleaning (mainly sweeping and mopping and moving things around) after a VERY LARGE SCORPION ran across the floor a couple of nights ago, just as I was about the switch the light off. I creamed it with a magazine. He was headed for my bedroom. UGH UGH UGH. I am saving this one in a ziplock for my landlord's perusal when he returns.

If I never write another post, it's probably because my lovely little computer blew away. I think I will sleep with my wallet, passport, visa, camera, computer and glasses under the cover with me, just in case. And my diabetes pills, and a couple of Cokes. With a opener. That should do it

Actually, no hurricane named "Lane", could be much of a hurricane anyway, in my opinion.

Friday 8:30pm MDT (US)
Well, I started to get worried with the wind blowing, and a steady downpour. So I did a more serious organizing, preparation thing inside the house. It's hard to know what a hurricane is like. I have never been near one before. I keep picturing the metal furniture in this house flying around and smashing things (like me). I don't think that's very realistic thought. I think alot of the damage from Kenna was water, not wind, and I'm not near the beach at all.

But I am feeling anxious. It was more fun waiting out a hurricane with my son here.
Okay, writing relaxed me a little, and I have two great books to read. So. That's it.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, girl! We're all
pulling for you (your anonymous fans). I suspect we're gonna lose you for a couple days (optimistic?)
but be sure and give us the blow by blow as soon as you can.

bon courage, Theo (in Maine)