Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some Wonderful Ladies and the Usual Suspects, in Chacala

Dona Lupe, esposa de Euloaio, madre de Blanca and 7 other children
Owner of the Techo rental Casa de Dona Lupe and the restaurant Fonda Lupita
Align CenterJuanita, owner of a palapa on the beach,
rented by groups and families for parties and events
Esparanza, mother of seven boys and a girl,
owner of a beach camping area, gardener and keeper of lovely birds
espousa de Leovardo
Maria: 4'10" gardener, artista, herbalist, and abuela, among other things
Marcella, store owner
drinks, ice cream and treats
Another store owner:
souvenirs, clothes, shoes, and beautiful objects

Two of the three daughters of the owners of Koko Bongo's
restaurant, store, pool hall, TV sports bar and sometime internet place
One of the orange juice ladies, who has a stand
during holiday's and three day weekends

My favorite band guy
Juan, esposo de Concha, and
Juez de Chacala (sort of a justice of the peace)

Hugo, esposo de Laura
Guillermo, esposo de Lupita, co-owner of Casa Chacala, and Water Master of Chacala
Miguel Angel, esposo de Ventura and Collectivo driver for Chacala

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La Gringa said...

Great photos. It's nice to put a face with the names you have talked about. It looks like you are doing fine with your new camera.