Monday, September 04, 2006

Some Chacala Kids, and the New Clinica

Juan (Juez and esposo de Concha) led a big work crew up at the Town property a couple of days ago. The lot is on Federal land (?) located at on the ocean side of the paved road, right where it turns toward the Chacallila gate. They cleared the whole thing in about three hours

The bulldozers arrived on site this morning. They seem to be flattening the lot. At least I think that's what's going on. I know the plan is to build a medical clinic there, but that's all I know. The guys hand-cleared the vegetation, including some of the trees, with the energetic use of machetes and a kind of a wooden stick with a hook on the end to hold the vegetation while they whack it. Very effective tools, and as far as I know, no one got hurt. A local guy showed up with a chainsaw at the end of the work party, and felled a couple of trees. I think that' s what he did. Even with all the clearing, the vegetation there is too dense to see into very easily.

Yesterday was Markito's 3rd birthday. He is the great-grandson of Don Beto and Dona Lupe, and the grandson son of one of my landladies, Esparanza. One of my favorite little kids around here. It was a big party, with a DJ and loudspeakers. I think I will skip birthday parties most of the time from now on. Too much noise for my gringa ears.

This is Markito, in his birthday dress-up clothes. There was supposed to be a birthday Mass for him in Las Varas before the fiesta, but the priest (apparently the priest for Chacala and other little towns around here) died in the night of a heart attack. Half the town went into Las Varas for an event at the small Cathedral there. Maybe a Mass? I don't know what the event was, but it was to do with the Priest's death.

Here are some other Chacala boys. I still have so much to learn about taking photos, but it's fun for me to post some of my efforts, even if they aren't the best.

Left: Diego, son of Patti, and grandson
of Juanita, who has the mini-supermarket across from Las Brisas
Right: Gilberto, 5 anos. A water-color artist, seriously, and sweet observor of life, and the wild little brother of Jessica

My son went in Beto's (of Aurora) launcha to La Caleta (the surfing beach) at 7am today. Beto was taking some surfers up there, and my son and a guest at Aurora's hopped a ride to see the sights. I hope they don't get seasick. He is going to help a couple local people with some computer problems in the next couple days. And he is teaching me all this new computer and camera stuff. And helping me make (actually, he is making) a new website, not a blog, for Chacala Budget Rentals.

Here are some of the children of Chacala.

Top left: America, 7, daughter of Berta and Polo, owners of Polo's Taco Stand. America has incredible confidence and social skills. A 2nd grader with lots of academic ability.

Above, right: Julie, 6, daughter of Pati and granddaughter of Juanita. Full of spunk and initiative, and always on the move.

Left: Jessica, 13, big sister and caretaker of Gilberto.
A bright, intelligent young woman, who could use some support for her education and school needs.

Left: Fernanda, 2. With her Tia, I think. Granddaughter of Socorro. A very serious and intent little girl. I love watching her approach the world.

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Jill said...

What nice photos!! It is a lot easier to imagine what your life is like when I can see pictures of the people.