Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Remodel, a New Rental and the Red House, in Chacala

I think my current obsession with the buildings around Chacala may come from my not-very well-sublimated desire to have a place in town to call my own. Luckily, it's not too strong a desire, since it's out of the question. And I probably wouldn't buy here, or anywhere, anyway.
I like feeling that I can pick up and be gone in an hour if I want too. Which I don't.
This is the current home of Mari (?) and her daughter Monserrat, plus a couple more kids. Antonelli and (can't remember). They are the daughter and grandaughter of Maria, whose Techos de Mexico rental unit on the second floor, was one of the first Techos units to be built. The home was recently remodeled, with new rooms on the front of the downstairs.

The building below is a new rental unit. It appears to be a duplex, with a roof deck. and it overlooks the Malecon and Playa Chacala. It's located just south of the cute little red vacation home right above the Malecon.
Apparently a tree interrupted the view, so that problem was solved by hacking at the tree with a machete. Lovely pruning job. Probably it'll grow back in a couple of weeks or so.

This is a cute little red house (below) is just north of the new construction. The day I took these photos I was walking from the Church to Mirador and, for the first time in months, the construction driveway looked dry enough that I would walk on it without sinking up to my knees in muck. So I got a chance to see the side of the red house that faces away from the beach. It appears to have a nice little covered outdoor kitchen area up behind the house, and a little outbuilding, possibly for the toilet and shower. I didn't go close enough to look because the construction workers had kind of blocked it off.

If I was a rich woman I could productively daydream about buying this little sweet place. But since I'm not, I won't.

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