Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogger on a Hot, Tiled Patio

Okay, here's my list of handy hints for life the Chacala.

1) Keep your garbage in the freezer section, neatly compressed while it's in the kitchen, to avoid ants and other pests. Take out the frozen packages to the trash can when the freezer is full. Those plastic shopping bags work well for garbage. If you are too tired to wash a dirty dish or pan, stick in the the fridge overnight.

2) Keep a spray bottle of 50% white vinegar/50% water in the kitchen, for spraying the counters.

Orange juice lady, early one mornig
during during Easter week

The ants don't care for it, and go belly-up and croak when you hit them with it.

3) Keep a broom right outside all external doors, so when scorpions, cangrudos, or lizards, or whatever, try to come in to visit, you can easily give them a good whack. Good for rude neighbors too. Just kidding.

4) Make sure the water in the shower is running BEFORE you put shampoo on your hair.

5) If you are too cheap, like me, to keep the gas hot water tank going when it's never colder than 75 degrees, keep a garden hose (attached to a hose bib) rolled up and hanging on a sunny wall for a daylong supply of hot water. I have mine next to where I handwash clothes.

6) There is NEVER a good reason for running out of toilet paper. It goes on the top of every shopping list. I suppose this hint is good for where ever there's an as........... to be kept clean. Another bad joke.

7) Everything will rust, remember that.

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