Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogs about Mexico

Waiting for a whack at the pinata
I have spent a number of hours the last couple of days reading other people's blogs about Mexico. I got started after looking more closely at Mexico-in-English . That's the blog that just had an article about this blog. The author, Ellen...., has a nice list of all the blogs she has reviewed. Some of them I was familiar with, but a bunch were new to me.

If you like reading about gringos in Mexico, take a look. My two favorites at the moment are (1) about a family making a extended exploration of Mexico with their kids. And (2) living in San Miguel de Allende. This one isn't actually a blog. It's a website about living in San Miguel de Allende from the point of view of a couple of women living on higher-end Social Security.

Or some long, lonely night go to Rolly Brook's website. He includes everything you ever wanted to know about Mexico, including a list of websites for gringos. And blogs. A great job. Information you can count on.

Just found another living in Mexico blog, about Life in Guaymas http://brendaandroygoingtomexico.blogspot.com.

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Brenda said...

Hi, enjoy your blog. We also live in Mexico and enjoy reading about other peoples experiences.