Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Thursday in Chacala

Surfer at La Caleta, a few minutes by boat up the coast from Chacala
I went to the street market, the tianguis (ti-an-ghe) today and saw something for my "strangest objects for sale in Mexico list", which I just started. There was this cute little baby puppy standing in the middle of a display of objects for sale. The objects were spread out on a blue tarp on the ground, and I saw the little guy out of the corner of my eye. I was thinking "I wonder how they keep him so still?", when I realized it was a stuffed 6 week old pig. Standing on it's little stuffed legs, with a very poignant expression on his face. Every strange. The guy didn't want to sell it. Not that I would have bought it, but I was curious about the asking price.

Trini and I walked down to the south end of the beach just before the sun went down, in order to take photos with Javier's new digital camera. Javier is one of the younger group of Chacala-born surfers who surf many mornings and evening on the south end of the beach. The boys, including Trini's son Gustavo, wanted Trini to take photos of them out on their boards. The waves were very, very, very large, and she almost got washed away trying to take the pictures. They're going to try again when the waves are smaller.

In the collectivo this morning, the one between Las Varas and La Penita, an idiot passed us going south just before a small hill. Small, but big enough to block the sight of the Coke semi coming toward us in the other lane. It was my closest call ever in Mexico. The van driver was incredible. He saved our lives. I, of course, was in my favorite seat. The passenger seat, otherwise known as the death seat. The driver got us out of the way by pulling off to the right, at 50 mph and somehow staying upright. He killed the engine, and we just sat there for a few minutes, hsaking and giggling. The men got out to pee. I had a cold Coke in my bag, and took it out for a delicious drink. Everyone else had some too and they finished it off. It was one of those moments. My "last" thought was "At least I'll be dead, and won't be lying injured and in pain in a Mexcan hospital without a adequate pain medication".

It's 9pm and no thunder, lightning or rain yet. I think this might be a storm-free night. I won't have to move the furniture away from the rain blowing in thru the screens sideways or dripping from the ceiling. Good news.

My son emailed yesterday to have me check on the model and serial numbers on my Mac laptop. It looks like mine is NOT one of the recalled Intel batteries. Even if it was, I guess Apple or Intel is back-logged 6 or more weeks for the free batteries to replace the batteries that may catch on fire. Lovely. I lucked out I guess. With the computer battery and with my thoughtful son.

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Ed Fladung said...

Hey, just found your blog through Very cool. I'll check in on you from time to time. Great pic in this entry. Thursday's waves were great, inside the bay, I went to La Caleta on Saturday. Not as big, but still very nice. You can see the entry here: Day Trip to La Caleta.


// Edmundo