Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Morning in Chacala

This is a computer design created from a photo of a succulent leaf.
The name of designer disappeared when I loaded this, and I will add it later.
Thanks to the incredible Blogger genius, La Gringa, couple of my most irritating Blogger publishing glitches appear to be solved. Also, the Goggle Blogger Help Group has been fantastic in helping me work my thru the current semi-disaster, as Blogger tries to implement an apparently ill-prepared Beta product. Oh well, I think all the LITTLE glitches are fixed on this blog, for now anyway.

My son is coming in a few days. I have all these ideas about arranging things for our mutual comfort. At the moment I am planning to set up my lovely tent on the veranda, and move a bed and mattress in there. With the reading light OUTSIDE the tent window screen so thousands of fried and living bugs won't be landing on me when I am reading. My son will have to tough it out with the inside bugs, I guess. Experience the real Chacala, bugs and all. I love the idea of sleeping out there, and it will give us more space in the house.

But I've gotten sidetracked into re-arranging the plants on the front patio and the veranda, which is on the ocean side of the house. I am picturing the hammock being surrounded by tropical plants and hummingbirds, and butterflies (or flutterbyes, which is someone here told me was English for Mariposas). A little haven. So far it's just a little wilderness of plants. I have 42 pots out there now, and it's getting a little strange looking.

I had to come inside a minute ago. When I started to move the card-table sized plastic table out on the patio, in preparation for rinsing it off and bringing it inside for a workspace, I was semi-attacked by a swarm of wasps who had created a largish nest attached to the underside of the table. I got a little sting on my hand, and they went after Chiquita, but didn't bite her. So I am inside for the moment.

Cundo offered me an excellent deal to pick my son up at the airport, and I am taking him up on it. Easier that way, and I will have a chance to stock up on some groceries at Commerciale. It's hard to figure out what food to buy for meals when my son is here. I eat so strangely, it's hard to think of what would be nice for him. He's a great cook. When I have stayed at his place he cooks Canadian Bacon (my favorite favorite) and blueberry pancakes or waffles or whatever for breakfast. Orange juice. Real Maple Syrup. Nice memories. I know we will eat at Chico's for fish and at Tres Mars for this and that. And probably at Las Brisas for watching the sunset and eating something.

Next Sunday is the birthday of my little favorite kid from the beach, Markito. I got him a couple of little presents, and, at his Mom's request paid for his new black shoes and black (strange, but true) underpants for his 3rd birthday Mass. His Mom said the 3rd birthday is special, and kids always have a Mass for that birthday. I learn something new everyday here. (True or otherwise).

I was visiting Maria this morning. She has been feeling bad for about four days now. I have been bringing her clear apple juice, which she prefers. She forced some herbs on me for my indigestions or heartburn or whatever it is. I don't actually know what heartburn is, but it's a good description anyway.

We are having a beautiful day, clear, sunny and breezy. The wasps are loving it. Hot and not too humid. Of course, I haven't been further outside beyond the covered patio and veranda, so for all I know, it's awful out in the sun. But I don't think I'll got out there and find out.

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