Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chacala: Land of Hummingbirds and Mosquitos

Artistic fruit vendor in Chacala during Easter Week
One of my favorite parts of life in Chacala is the hummingbirds who visit me when I'm reading (and napping) in the hammock during siesta time. Sometimes I feel a funny little breeze and open my eyes, and a little hummingbird is inspecting me close-up and personal. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to talk to me. I am going to try to figure out a safe water feeder for them. This morning I realized one was trying to drink water from the container of water I am trying to root oleanders in. Which is known to be poison (oleander water that is).

I read in another blog, to be named later, when I remember the name, that B-Complex turns mosquites off and they leave you alone if you take it every day. There are millions of mosquitos out when I am socializing around town at dusk during the rainy season (now). And even though they are always buzzing around me, I haven't had an actual mosquito bite this whole rainy season.

I had never heard this urban (rural?) myth about mosquitos until today (from the same blog I mentioned above). However, I started taking a good B-Complex last May. Some friends brought me from the States. Maybe the B-complex is why the little bugges aren't stinging me. They are definitely checking me out, but not bites. Very strange. Very good, actually.

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Tim said...

Hummingbirds do chatter up a storm! I wish someone would invent a "hummingbird cam" with a tiny camera fixed to their head so we could see all of the adventures they get into. You are right about the B vitamins. They work for me. I guess they may not work for everyone, due to individual body chemistry. I've heard some people say they do not work for them. But I know other people who use them to as a mosquito repellent and they work for them also. My father used to take them and he was never bitten. Due to a cancer treatment, he stopped taking them. Now, mosquitos try to drain him dry when he is outside.