Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Maybe a Tropical Storm is Heading for Chacala

Monday 9pm
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Someone emailed me a few hours ago, saying a tropical storm, a #3 turning into a #4 was moving up the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and expected to reach this latitude on Thursday afternoon. It appears it will probably be far out enough in the ocean to just bring very heavy wind and rains, possibly with some flooding. I am following on of the weather sites, just to keep myself nervous.

No one around town seems to be the least bit concerned, saying the TV says it will be out to sea before it gets this far north. It's near Alcapulco now.

We just had a brief, heavy rainstrom a bit ago, and now the moon and stars are out, and I am dripping with sweat. Chiquita is outside attacking the wild dragons at the top of her lungs. This is probably her last day at my house. Her caretakes are expected back tomorrow or the next day. I will miss her but will be glad to see her go. It's been hard not to feed her, and to convince to go to her house for meals.

I am going down to PV to meet my son at the airport tomorrow. Very excited to see him.

I guess I am going to need to take my tent down and move all the plants up under the veranda roof and next to the house if there's really going to be a big storm. Wouldn't you know. Of course, if there's an actual hurricane, this house will be a mess. Or maybe not. I am pretty sure the walls and roof are okay, and the wind can just blow right thru the house. Scary thought. I'll worry about it tomorrow.

I just started using Photobucket today. I am so proud of myself. I set up the account, and uploaded photos onto it from my laptop. And then loaded a couple of pictures onto my Gardening in Mexico blog. Very smooth learning curve, except I couldn't seem to set up my Album with separate sections. Maybe tomorrow.

Sometimes it's really scary how much we count on these websites. Blogger is having trouble now, with a Beta project, and I think many us are scared that we'll lose all our work. Or something bad will happen to our blogs. And I guess it has happened to some people. I have had lots of problems this last week with Blogger, but everything seems to be okay now, except for occasionally not be able to sign on.

Now I am going to try to bring a sunset with boats photo over from Photobucket, just for fun. We had another incredible sunset tonight. Just unbelievable, and it went on for quite awhile.
Well, if the winds blows Chacala away, thanks for the memories. Just kidding.
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La Gringa said...

I just checked weather.com and it does look like a bad storm coming your way. Be careful!