Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rats in Chacala

It's midnight and I can't sleep. My big drama for the night was a rat invaded the kitchen. A big one!!! I was just going to sleep and heard a loud crash. Chiquita went tearing into the kitchen and the rat was on the stove looking at us. We (C. and me) tried to find it, but I was too scared. I walked down the road in the night to Aurora and Beto's to ask for help.

They had some friends visiting and we joked around about if it was really a rat or another, larger, animal, that people apparently eat. I was horrified and everyone thought it was funny. Beto to come back with me. We scared it (the rat) out from under cover. And Chiquita, my chubby little hero, chased it out the front door. Which I immediately slammed. Chiquita stayed out there for an hour guarding the door, I guess. Aurora called right after the rat left, inviting me to spend the night, if I was too scared to sleep at home. It just amazes me I can have phone conversations in Spanish. Where I actually understand what the person is saying to me.

Afterwards Beto told me it was just a rat. Apparently the other animal is MUCH larger. I can't imagine. If I was ever going to have a beer to relax, this would be the night. But I would rather have a Coke anyway.

Sorry, no "Rats in Chacala" photos. Maybe next time.

But I think I will sleep okay. I hope so. This was not my favorite day. There were two scorpions in the kitchen this am. One of the counter, and then one came out from behind the refrigerator when I was sweeping behind it. Smashed them both.

And then I think of how lucky I am to live in such a nice, tight house during the summer season of scorpions, rain, mosquitoes, cangrudos,and rats. The rat apparently broke in thru the screen over the stove. We tried to seal it up. But tomorrow I will have to figure out something more permanent.

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Brenda said...

Yuck, I imagine you will be heavy with the bleach this morning. By the way we met Bliss and Jim and have been emailing back and forth with them. Thanks for putting us in touch.