Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Invasion of the Blog-Snatchers

One of the Henspetter's with her dinner
A few weeks ago I got a strange, threatening-appearing email from person who lives in Chacala. When I saw the email I was in Morelia, and not on my own computer. It was clear from the title (and the person's address was right there, on the "from" line), that it was not a friendly email. So I deleted it and trashed it without reading it. At the time, I was glad I didn't open it on my own computer, in case it has some virus in it, or something else.

But, it turns out I probably should have saved it. Because since then someone/something has been messing around with this blog. It doesn't show when you are reading it, but it is very destructive, and may result in the blog crashing and burning.

I reported the problem to Google, Yahoo, and Technorati, via email, not really expecting any help. Surprisingly, within about an hour of my "help!!" emails, all three had responded. Actual human beings, with names, and email address, responded to my plea for help. Amazing.

Apparently what is happening to this blog, is the latest thing in weird "spamming" efforts. And all three companies are apparently hot on the trail of whoever is doing this kind of stuff. They wanted to know if anything weird had happened lately in my emails. I told them about the threatening email I had deleted, and also that I had received three odd emails to the same address about a week later. The computer identified the emails as spam. They seemed to come from someone I knew, but they didn't look right. I deleted them, but hadn't emptied the trash yet.

The Google people actually came into my computer from outer-space, with my permission, to recover those emails. What a weird thing. I feel like I am in a science-fiction story. One of them had already wrote me that they think it is coming from Southern California. Oh well, what can you do? Just wait and see what happens, I guess.

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