Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chacala Chacala Chacala

It's almost 10am on a gorgeous, sunny, hot and humid day in Chacala. Again. How boring. No, I love it. I didn't even wake up until 8:30 this morning. Very late for me. The sunshine was pouring in the window onto my bed and my head. So I finally got up.
I bought three new pot/buckets yesterday, but don't have any dirt right now. Moved my two 24 bottle crates of Coke empties out onto the driveway so the Coke truck guys will see I am home and deliver my Cokes.

This a an eight piece tile set showing the town of Taxco, the famous silver city.

The town water came on this morning. But since my tinacho, the house water storage tank is almost full, I turned the hose down really low, and started watering some of the plants on the south side of the house. Had Cheerios (a basic Mexican food staple, just kidding) with milk and bananas (the little short, fat, sweet kind) and then a grapefruit and my pills for breakfast. Avandia for diabetes, B Complex for health and as a working mosquito repellant, and a mutli.

Chiquita showed up after a night somewhere else. Bouncing up and down and barking. Saying hello in the sweetest way. She helped me sweep off the patio and veranda and the floor of the house. She noses around inspecting the larger dead bugs for me, making sure they are dead and not edible I guess.

I have a few errands for later. A rental question for Aurora. Checking on a friend who is very sick and in pain. I can't do anything for her, but I ask whoever is sitting with her if she needs something from the store or whatever and get it for her.

I read a scary article in the Guadalajara English weekly. It said that in Mexico, according to the newspapers, when a hospital patient is in excruciating pain, the emphasis is on keeping the patient quiet (when they are screaming in agony). So they give them heavy doses of benzodiazipams (anti-anxiety meds) to keep them quiet. They are still in agony, they are just too medicated to move or scream. Lovely. Scares me to death.

A woman in town is having an (her first) episode of herpes/shingles. Whatever. The names are different here. She is in so much pain she can't sleep, at all. They offered her aspirin. One of the neighbors told me pain is natural. I said tp her that pain is a sign to you that your body needs help (in my pathetic Spanish). It is not curative. She insisted that a priest told her God wants you to feel pain. That healing requires pain. I hope she misunderstood him, but probably not.

I hope I don't have any pain here. I can't imagine. However, the hospitals in PV serving gringos with insurance apparenttly have real pain managment protocols and use them. And local people are starting to know that if you have the money your pain will be treated at by doctors and hospitals that treat gringos. So maybe things will change faster than I imagine.

One of my little goals for today is to move all passwords and blog titles and etc etc I use on my computer from three little notebooks to one slightly larger notebook. At this point I have to go thru three different notebooks sometimes to find a phone number or password, or whatever. I have been making some nice little notebooks, using my drawers for the covers (and then putting that stiff plastic film over the pictures. I like how they are turning out, and people seem to like them. It's something to do with my little sketches and designs.

Still waiting for the electric people to come finish hooking up the permanent power to this house. Oh well.


Chad said...

The local priest said, "God wants you to feel pain"?

What an asshole theist.

Good example of why religion needs to be eliminated.

La Gringa said...

When will you show us some of your drawings? I'd like to see them.