Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Glorious Green Day in Chacala, with Snakes

An echevveria I am searching for tomorrow, on my bus ride to plant nurseries around PV
It's early afternoon and I have spent the morning puttering around, being careful with my back, which is recovering from the hammock collapse a few days ago.

The weather is perfect. Hot and breezy. Everything is fresh and green from the two hour thunderstorm last night. The rain was so heavy and loud I couldn't have heard anyone talking. Fortunately there was no one in the house except me and Chiquita at 2am so it didn't matter.

There is a point in the center of this house where you can see outside in every direction.

To the south, the paved road is now covered by the palms, mangos and other lush greenery. Can't see the Marina gate. A blessing. Still hear the horns beeping for the gate to open, of course.

To the west is the sky, the ocean, and lots of green stuff. The ugly little concrete block blunker built by the man with a red pickup/gold canopy shell is almost blocked by the trees and shrubs. Hoorah!!

To the north, the construction moonscape is covered over with grass, vines and shrubs and to the northwest, the view of the neighboring large house, and the endless sound of people talking and babies crying is buffered somewhat by all leaves.

And to the east, all the trees and shrubs are growing fast, and soon I won't be able to see the paved road. I hope.

The sun is bright and the air is clear and the sky is soooo blue. Perfect day to stay on the veranda and putter with plants. Too hot out there. Nice to look at though.

The main drawback to being visually isolated from the few houses at this end of town, is that the varmints in the neighborhood feel free to wander right up to the house. Last night C. and I were walking up the driveway just as it got dark, and she went nuts. Barking and trying to climb a big shrub. I got close enough to see what looked like a small wildcat with a sharp pointy nose, sharp looking teeth, and a big tail. Dark and light colored fur. Snarling and hissing. Chiquita wasn't scared a bit, but she should have been. When I opened the front door, it took a minute for her to decide to come it, but she did.

A few morning ago C. was doing something out of the gravel driveway when I went outside. It turned out she was torturing a long, skinny snake. Which was still alive. I left her to her business.

I don't know anything about snakes in Chacala. A couple of weeks ago someone told me a story about when she was pregnant. She dreamed a giant snake was in very belly. She was very upset when she woke up and told her family. Finally someone when over to the bed and found a giant giant snake coiled up in the mosquito netting hanging over the bed. She said she thought it wasn't poisoness, just horrifying.

I only where flipflops here, so it's a little scary to walk off paths and driveways and roads. In fact, I don't do it. Too many creepy crawlies. It makes it hard to weed around the house, but I will probably find someone to help me. It's not so scary when someone else is right there with me.

I'm kind of waiting around for the electric people to return and finish putting in the wires, etc. But, no one has shown yet.

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