Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stuck Inside of Chacala with the Tailbone Blues Again

This is La Caleta, the next beach up from Chacallila.
It's got a place to surf, which is hard to see in this photo.
It's on the lower right hand corner, and the normal waves aren't showing.

I'm not really, really, stuck in Chacala. I just didn't feel like traveling. My tailbone is still pretty sore from the hammock falling, and pulling my rolling suitcase seems to be especially uncomfortable. So I will just wait a bit and head out later. My wonderful son is coming down in a few weeks, and I can't wait to see him. It's so strange to have an adult son. Sometimes I mix him up with my brother. Their voices are exactly the same. Almost.

After my aborted trip to the PV nurseries last week, I got another chance to go to PV yesterday, and got to go to the nursery I hoping to see before. This excursion turned out very well. I got five plants for $110 pesos, about $10USD, more or less. And three of the plants were ready to be divided, so I ended up with 3 new Bird of Paradise plants (from one plant), 11 new 4/5" plants (I am going to go see if I can find the official name in my little 3 volume tropical plant library), and 3 cacti, one a really beautiful aloe or agave with a purplish tint. Of course, the purplish tint might be a sign of trouble, but I like how it looks right now.

I got a nice "Comment" on my gardening blog from a woman gardening in Honduras. She has also been looking for people trying to garden in tropical-type climates. She has some nice photos. I am guessing she must be in the mountains. Of course, I don't even know if if there are mountains in Honduras. I am going to read up in my old worn-out Lonely Planet book.

I have been feeling kind of crummy lately. I think it might be the heat, but who knows. I wake up feeling kind of beat-up and headachy. Then I start feeling better in an hour or two. I have been reading in bed in the morning lately. Partly because I am waking up about 6am, and it's still dark outside at that hour.

It's amazing how many birds are singing in the early morning. Saying hello to each other, I guess. I have gradually become a little more aware of birds after listening to Kathy, Ron, and Sue, who led bird walks last winter in Chacala. I never went on a walk, but I read a book Sue lent me. It was about people compiling huge lists of the birds they have seen in one year. Can't remember what it was called, and didn't think I'd like it, but I really did.

I rearranged the hammock setup on the veranda this morning. Each end of the hammock now has three separate connections to the rafters. Now there are two backups at each end, in case one rope breaks or something. I am not using the metal hooks at all now. I put a sheet under the hammock, and then a nice solid four inch foam pad on top of that. I was afraid to try the hammock out without some protection for my poor bottom. Read out there for an hour or so until two hummingbirds kept swooping around, trying to get to the Mandevilla blossoms next to the hammock.

I love my life here. Some days are so lovely. Even this morning, when the first thing I saw was a small yellowish scorpion relaxing on the kitchen counter. Everyone says they are the most "deadly" of all the scorpions. I just killed it. Fast. I am saving some on this years scorpions for the homeowner here. He insists there aren't any scorpions in this house. It's just a little welcome home gift. Don't misunderstand. The scorpions are dead, and saved in a plastic bag. And he is a great landlord.

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