Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Guess Juan is Almost Here in Chacala

Well, it's 1 pm here, MDT, and it's still, with occasional drizzles. Changing, as I write, to a heavier rain. The sky is overcast, not cloudy or stormy looking. The birds are still singing and workers are still working. People in Chacala seen to be hoping the storm will continue to stay over the ocean and not get any closer to land.

A neighbor was just here and she thought having all my plants pushed up against the house was ridiculous. However, people in Chacala have strong memories of Hurricane Kenna, four years ago. And there are bits and remmants of its destructive force all over town.

At this moment, it's hard to imagine a big storm arriving, but it seems clear it will be here in a couple of hours. We are packed for a quick escape, but it would probably be to late to leave by the time we decide it's necessary. The rain is definitely getting heavier as I write.

I spent the morning learning how to take photos with my new digital camera, care of my son and my ex. Distracting myself.

People writing me from the towns south of here, where Juan has already passed thru, are saying it was not too bad . Lots of rain and wind, not much else, so I am optimistic.


Janice said...

Hi there... I've been so entertained by your blog for so long... I wanted to let you know that I certainly am praying that your beautiful village won't be harmed. I was reading that there's a possiblity that the worst of the storm will remain up to 150 miles off the coast. Here's hoping!!! I am friends with Paul and Needia... Paul used to work for my husband. We have just began paying for a piece of property there in Chacala... up next to the big hotel on the east side... up behind Paul's house. We were there in July but you were out of town. I most certainly intend to come there again. I had such a great time even though we were rained on everynight and it was sooooo humid during the days. I can't wait to come in say January when the weather is cooler. Luckily, Paul had his house all finished so we could stay there. It was so beautiful. Needia did such a tremendous job decorating it. It was very comfortable and the pool was so beautiful.... I'll write again soon!!!

Tomas Dennis said...

Thinking of you take care.