Thursday, August 10, 2006

Petroglyphs near Chacala, at Alta Vista

This is a little promotion for the petroglyph site near Alta Vista. Many people come to Chacala without knowing about this wonderful opportunity. Although Chacala is by no means considered an important historic site, it does as a long history, as the first and closest port to Guadalajara.

A trip to the nearby Alta Vista petroglyph site is an amazing experience not to be missed by anyone interested in the pre-hispanic times in Mexico.

The field trip from Chacala to Alta Vista takes about 30 minutes. In a river bed in a small valley near Alta Vista, the Tecoxquines created thousands of petroglyph believed to be part of thier religious experience. These petroglyphs were created more than 2,000 years ago. The site offers explanatory signs in Spanish and English. The trail is just a trail, and not a good walk for those with mobility problems. It's shade most of the walk, and the streambed contains water during parts of the rainy season. The last part of the drive can be tough, especially during the rainy season.

Alvaro, a Chacala resident who speaks English, offers a inexpensive guided tour, using either your vehicle or combi. It is difficult to find the location without a guide. There is usually an elderly local gentleman at the site, who is the caretaker, cleaning up after visitors, etc. One is expected to offer him a small tip.

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