Friday, August 24, 2007

Women in Oaxaca (not Chacala)

I suppose I have a very warped, or maybe limited, view of the life of women in Mexico. Chacala woman have mostly been very poor, and are just moving up into a more financially stable lifestyle. So I have only been around poor or newly lower-lower middle class women in Mexico. Except on the buses, where I have enjoyed conversations with women from more middle class families. Or at least that's my impression.Almost all the woman I have run into in the Oaxaca area, were "working" woman, in that they were selling food, or crafts, or clothes, or something. They almost always had their children with them. And the children, even five year olds, know how to sell things, and how to behave. In Oaxaca, and some of the villages I visited in the surround Valles, I mostly saw poor women, working women, of all ages. It's hard for me to guess ages in Mexico, but some of the women seemed very, very old to me. Sometime I will try to take photos of stylish, upper class women driving their Hummers, but for now......

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