Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Days in Chacala

It´s Monday morning and I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Had breakfast and tidied up. Headed off to get some email time. The combi came by as I got down to the road, so I went into Las Varas.

I also wanted to get a new pair of stronger reading glasses. Couldn´t find any. They only sell them in the little street booths, and today the guy only had 1.0 power lenses. Oh well. He really tried hard to find some for me.

Went over to the Telcel (Telmex´s cell phone store) and asked to see a cord to download photos from my camera to computer. I think the cord I have now is shorting out sometimes. The cord was $25US, too much for me. They are $10US at the Office Depot in P.V. . Carlos Slim, the owner of Telmex-Telcel isn´t the richest man in the world because he offers bargains, that´s for sure.

I think I am moving out of my negative space, maybe back into my glass is half-full space. I hope so. Yesterday was a great day. Met some nice people who have a place in the development. I was watching over Majahua for a few minutes, and ended up giving them a tour of the spa and rental spaces. I enjoyed their enthusiasm about being here in Mexico. Nice folks.

My favorite neighbor came over in the late afternoon, and we visited and then walked up to look at B&B´s new home. It´s looking wonderful. It was fun to watch my friend inspecting everything. But it worries me that she compares her nice home to this very large and costly home. I am afraid seeing that house makes her very nice new kitchen-living area seem like less.

And today has been very nice so far. When I was waiting in line for the ATM (45 minutes because it´s Monday morning), three different local people stopped to visit with me. That was nice. And the computer place was open on time. And I saved my nectarines at the store, before the clerk smashed them with a large bottle of Clorox. When I pulled the bag away so she couldn´t but the bottle on the nectarines she obviously thought I was nuts. My guess is she was thinking, ¨What´s her problem?" Oh well, today I am just happy to have lovely nectarines.

I got a comment this morning about my recent complaining posts. Describing my complaints as "expats" something. I will have to think about that.

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