Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Shots of Oaxaca

Oaxaca's Zocala always seemed to be filled with balloon vendors.
Just like in Chacala, I love watching the kids in Oaxaca. Many are working, These kids were playing most days at the front garden on San Domingo's. Their grandmother was a vendor, selling fabrics. and I think their job was to kept happy and busy and out of the way. They always seemed to find something to examine or play with.This is my favorite store selling fine crafts. Manos de Magico. Hands of Magic. It's located in a lovely building, and the prices are fair for the beautiful things they sell there.The Oaxaca area is famous for this pottery. The items are glazed in a very dark green color.I sampled pizza at three different Oaxacan pizza places. I have be avoiding pizza every since my disastrous experience with food poisoning from the P.V. Pizza Hut a few years ago. The three pizza places were all home grown, and very good. My photo of the third place didn't turnout very well.
This is the upstairs patio of Mezzaluna, which is actually a fine Italian restaurant. I have super delicious pizza here, baked in a huge wood burning pizza over. The service was great and the view was superb. All the Centro area lay at my feet. I ate here a couple of times. The pizza was pretty good, and it's close to San Domingo.

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