Friday, August 03, 2007

Muddy Chacala

The construction of this hotel in Chacala, which started a couple of years ago, opened up a couple of big springs in the hillside. The water from those two springs runs down the road all the time. One from the covered open garage of the hotel and the other from right below the south wall of the parking area.

And for three or four days after a heavy rain, the two springs together become a small river. The spring water has destroyed the paved road in the front on this house. Maybe 150 feet worth.

I have been told that the guy who seems to be in charge at the hotel insists that the damage to the road is from the heavy trucks coming by. But the other 6 miles of the paved road are in fine shape.
Anyway, this guys solution to the hotel's water problems was to hire a grader, or back hoe, or whatever, to dig a ditch along the side of the road. I know he didn’t ask permission or discuss his plan with any of the four home/lot owners where along his "little" project. The grader piled big stacks of mud/dirt into private property. Made a little river bed for the hotel’s spring water. And then just stopped work right before the last driveway. Leaving a huge mess and a new flooded area. And piles of mud blocking access to another lot.
And leaving a nice little pond right in front on the staircase to where I live.
And he tore the water line out completely in front of this house. While the grader driver was working I tried to keep him away from the staircase, and the water line. But he went right ahead, and ripped the pipe out. Under the supervision of the hotel guy, who was watching from the hotel porch. He wouldn’t stop.

My lovely neighbors helped me repair the mess in the morning. And we made a little temporary bridge to get from the road to the stairs.It hasn’t rained for five nights or so. I can’t wait until there’s another heavy rainfall. And the springs start spewing out water on the road again. Right now it’s just a small stream, but just wait.

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