Monday, August 27, 2007

Banos in Oaxaca

When I first moved to Chacala it took me awhile to get used to putting used toilet paper in the wastebasket, paying 30 cents for the use of public toilets, and having no toilet seat. And sometimes flushing the toilet by scooping a bucket of water from a nearby barrel of water.I am used to those petty details now, and could really enjoy the various toilet facilities in Oaxaca city. They went from pitiful (which I didn't actually enjoy) to very nice. I was in too much of a hurry to exit to bother taking photos of the worst banos.

The museums seem to have the nicest facilities.
The most surprising location for toilets was under the grandstand in the Zocalo (the central park the city of Oaxaca. There was a whole complex under there, with bathrooms and tienda s and little restaurants. The biggest banos I have seen so far in Mexican were at the Mercados just south of the Zocala.And the most ecologically correct and lovely bathroom was the outhouse at the far end of the archeologcial site at Monte Alban. There are also lovely architectural designed toilets in teir their museum. Most bathrooms in Mexico seem to be staffed by a nice cheerful lady who hands you a wad of toilet paper, fresh off the roll, in return for your 30 cents.

On my bus rides to and from Oaxaca, I carried toilet paper with me. I have never seen toilet paper provided on a bus in Mexico. Even on the very upscale ADO buses. Which actually offer family films and shows about crazy animal tricks. Stuff suitable for families. As opposed to Pacifico buses, which only show films filled with gruesome violence. Luckily most of the Pacifco buses I ride on have broken video systems.


wayne said...

Had to laugh at today's post! I wonder if only people who have been here or live here can appreciate our going crazy about nice bathrooms. They are just so few and far between that they stand out like sore thumbs!

OH! And finally a face shot of Ms. Andy! Check out the mirror pic! Many of us (well, me anyway!) have long wondered what you look like! Thanks for that little peek!

Tom said...

You have solved a great mystery for me- At my construction site in Florida, the Hispanic workers throw the Used toilet paper in our PORT-A-JOHN urinals.

Never new why. They must be thrilled to get free TP!