Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Walking on the Beach in Chacala

This is a young woman who lives in Chacala and attends school here. Her family has a small business on the beach road. She asked me to photograph in June, and wanted to be posted here. There are so many beautiful babies, children and young people here. I love photographing them.

Early yesterday morning I walked on the beach, mostly looking for small seed pods, about 3 inches across, that have been floating up on the beach after each storm.I also pickup all the glass bottles and diapers I find. I don't have the energy or large bags I would need to pick up the millions of plastic bottles that tourists leave on the beach every weekend. It's really disgusting.One of maintenance guys who works at Las Brisas was out cleaning up the beach there. The debris from these nightly storms is really piling up. There were just a few dogs on the beach. Javier was out surfing, of course.And a few families were playing in the shallow water. This little girl was so full of energy and life. Without an ounce of fear that I could see.I walked back home along the beach road at the south end of the beach. The road was flooded in many places, and it was tricky to get home without slipping in the mud and falling into the water.
Las Brisas has opened a new stand, selling drinks and ice cream. The ice cream hasn't arrived yet but the fruit drinks are really good. I like the idea. Of course, with all this rain there aren't alot of tourists during the week.

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