Friday, August 03, 2007

My Favorite non-Chacala blog and Chacala Restaurants

It’s Friday in Chacala. I have spent the morning fooling around, doing this and that. The kittens are starting to explore the patio, but mostly they want to be inside. Gracie killed a big black birds again today. I think the whole action scared the kittens to death. They came tearing into the house and into their little corner.

I went out to see what was going on, and there was Gracie, pleased as punch with her new kill. She ate some and then vomited in up. Gross. At least she did it outside. I swept the whole mess away, into the “jungle”.

I am doing some sewing, trying to make my shirts slightly smaller, and maybe cooler. Most of the short sleeves are too long, past my elbow, so they are getting shortened a little. And some are getting shortened all together. I am aiming for covering my butt, but not longer. I hope the air will move more freely thru between my shirts and my back more.

Whenever I get home from somewhere, my cotton (button-front+ collar) shirt is damp with sweat. I shower, and then start over with fresh clothes. Sometimes I use three shirts a day, and sometimes three shorts. Plus boxers and tee shirts for around the house.

It’s still very humid, and probably will be until mid-October. I am swimming every evening right now, instead of the morning. I don’t know why. Except there’s lots of visiting going on in the evening on both beaches. ( The main beach and the dinghy beach).

A few minutes ago I met someone who reads this. It was a bad time for a visit, but I think we will get together later. She said she and her husband are reading this blog, and that they own a home in the gated development north of Chacala. She seemed very nice. We visited for a few minutes, street to patio, and then they drove off somewhere. I hope they do come back. She invited me to see they new home, and I would love to do that. Right now the only way to see what they're doing in there is by taking a boat over to Chacalilla beach or walking thru the jungle.

Mostly it’s fun to meet people who have been reading this. The odd part is people knowing all these details of my daily life, when I don’t even know their names. But its fun for me. I have met some really nice people in Chacala who apparently read this regularly.

My regular, personal, blog reading is mostly blogs of people I know personally. But my favorite blog for the past year is "La Gringa’s Blogicito". It’s written by a woman who lives in Honduras with her Honduran husband. She’s from somewhere in the U.S. She always has something interesting to say about her life down there. Good photos too.

La Gringa turned me onto KIVA. It’s a simple and easy way to provide a micro-loan to someone in a country where it’s hard to get even a tiny bit of capital together to start or maintain a business.

You can choose the country and the individual you want to make the loan to. Often several donors support one borrower. So your loan can be small, like $25US. The loan is monitored by a local non-profit, so there is some local oversight and some support for the borrowers.

I have been taking restaurants photos that last few days. Isabella has a nice dining area on her home patio. She serves delicious, and affordable, meals by reservation, for groups of visitors.It's a great experience, and worth taking the time to make the arrangments. Her house is on the road to the muelle/fishing dock.

Marta and Martine have Tres Mars restaurant, my favorite restaurant hangout at the moment. Affordable, delicious, and very friendly.Koko Bongos (below) is lively family restaurant. With a jukebox, TV, and pool table. The mother of this wonderful family (five high-acheiving kids), is an excellent cook. Definitly worth a stop. Last winter Leo, the Dad, taught Spanish classes in the evening. The classes were very popular among visitors.

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