Saturday, August 11, 2007

Virgin de Talpa Comes to Chacala

Late afternoon last Thursday was a big day in Chacala. For the first time in nine years, the representation of the Virgin from the church in Talpa de Allende, visited Chacala. Talpa de Allende is located in the mountains above P.V., along with San Sebastian and Mascota.Many people in Chacala were busy for days ahead of the visit, making paper (and sometimes plastic) creations to string across the roads, all over town. Blue and White (for the Virgin ) and very pretty. The church was painted and new "curtains" were hung on the walls. It looks very nice.Some people walked out the paved road, toward the highway, to the Guadalupe shrine, and then met the procession coming from Las Varas. There was a pickup truck loaded with flowers, and the large plastic case which holds the small statue of the Virgin. Many walkers from the area and from Chacala, and vehicles, were following the truck. was led by young dancing girls, in costume.And young girl dancers leading the way.About 90 Chacala folks waited the the turn-off to the beach. The two groups joined together and walked into town via the paved road. The dirt road by the beach was just to muddy for hundreds of people to walk on. The walkers were accomapied by this band.And these two woman led the special singing for the entire walk.
When the procession reached the church the statue was carried inside, and a mass was performed. People stayed with the Statues all night. Singing and prayings. Accompanied by occasional fireworks.
In the morning there was a procession out of Chacala. I don't know where it was headed, but alot of people were walking together behind the truck carrying the statue of the Virgin de Talpa.

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