Sunday, August 05, 2007

Surfers Visiting Chacala and La Caleta

Surfers come to Chacala all year around. They come to get a boat (called a "launcha") ride, or walk 3 miles through the “jungle”, to a semi-famous surfing spot. It’s called La Caleta, and it’s a fifteen minute by boat, more or less, from Chacala. It appears to be listed on a number of surfer’s alert-type website, and people often arrive in a hurry. To catch the good surf.
Members of the Chacala Turista Coop, local fisherman/boat owners, on duty at the muelle (fishing harbor/dock) every day, starting early in the morning.. They are waiting to take individuals or groups up to La Caleta to surf, or to whale/dolphin watch (mid December-mid February), or explore the coastline, to fish, or to visit a small deserted beach. The cost depends on several factors: number of passengers, length of trip, and whether you are being dropped off and then picked up later.This group arrived early the other morning, when I was out wandering around Chacala. I am trying to figure out how and when to take good photos where the ocean is in the background. The ocean almost always looks white somehow.Anyway, I though it might help to try taking fotos before the sun really comes up. Didn’t work very well, but, live and learn I guess.This is Juan, the Captain.

And his nephew and helper, Gustavo.
This is the fishing co-op building at the muelle.
Here is the launcha, heading out for La Caleta.

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