Friday, August 31, 2007

Chacala to La Penita, and Back to Chacala

I have had some rapid changes in my vision lately. I am still buying the cheap readers from sidewalk vendors, for $30pesos ($2.70US) usually. But now I need 3.0 level magnification, and it’s hard to find those around Las Varas.

I have been trying to get connected to an opthamalogist in P.V., but apparently he is too busy working to come to his office. Or whatever. A new office just opened in Las Varas. An Optomistrist's office. It looked very "U.S.", so I dropped by to see if he had the kind of equipment to do an in-depth eye examin. He was very nice, but he said he thought, because of my diabetes, I needed to see a medical eye doctor. He said he only does eye examinations for prescription lenses. Okay.So yesterday I went to the tianguis, the Thursday Street Market, in La Penita, hoping to find some some glasses. It’s still pouring rain every night, and the streets are pretty much flooding in the low lying areas. But yesterday morning started out bright and beautiful.My streak of good luck with rides continued. Just as I got to bottom on my stairs, the collectivo came driving by. I got a ride out to the highway (at the Crucero de Chacala fruit stands) , and then quickly got another ride with a taxi van to La Penita. I was traveling with 120 pesos (about $11US), hoping I wouldn’t need to spend more, or to go to the ATM.Strangely enough, I found 4 100 peso bills in the pockets of my shorts, as I was digging in my pocket for change for the van ride. That’s more that $40US. I guess I must have left it in my pocket during the bus ride home from Oaxaca. And washed the bills too.Anyway. I did find some glasses. 3.0 magnification, but for $40pesos instead of $30 pesos. But I bought two pairs anyway, since I seem to lose or scratch or break them regularly.
Most of the regular (non-tourist-items) vendors were in place. Lots of household stuff. I bought two cantaloupes, 3 grapefruits limes, and a kilo of red grapes for 25 pesos. A little more than $2US. I thought it was a mistake, but the girl said it was correct. Good deal for me.
My favorite vendor of the day was this little girl. Her folks have a refresco place at the start of the market. When Lupita saw me admiring this stick burro, she posed for me, and then she "helped" me take a couple of photos, which didn’t turn ouWhat a little sweetie. Not shy at all. I keep glancing back at her folks, in their restaurant, to make sure it was okay to be interacting with her, and it was.I walked back up toward the highway, stopping at an internet place for a few minutes, and then continuing on. As I got near the intersection of the highway, someone called my name.It was a local builder, on his way back to Chacala, so I caught a ride. Not bad for easy rides. The longest I waited, for about two minutes, was out on the highway at the Crucero. I love it when things go so smoothly.

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