Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday in Oaxaca -not missing Chacala

I got to Oaxaca yesterday after 24 hours on various buses. I really like it here. There´s so much to do and see. And so many beautiful buildings and gardens. It seems to regularly rain in the afternoon, really heavy rain. And into the evening. It´s 8pm and it´s pouring. Warm though, and nice.

I haven´t figure out how to download photos unto the computers here, but I am taking lots of photos. I think they look good. I spent a couple of hours in the biggest market here, Abastado (?). It´s absolutely huge on regular market days. And tomorrow, Saturday, is the day Indios from the mountain villages come to sell stuff. I am really excited. Then, after the market I am taking a ride to Mont Alban, an archeological site near here. There is so much to see here. And lots of delicious food. Especially bakeries and hot chocolate. And real food too.

Then Sunday I am taking the 2nd class bus to a town Tlacalula, where there is a big artisans market on Sundays. It´s about 20 miles from here I think. There and buses and taxis all over and the drivers seems to be nice and helpful.

I lost my packet of maps and torn out pages from the Lonely Planet Mexico book somewhere, so I am just faking it, and borrowing the handbooks from the hostel. The hostel (Pochon) is great. Clean, quiet, and lots of nice people French, German, and British people. And a few from the U.S. $8US a night . It´s near lots of stuff, but in a safe neighborhood.

Things are cheaper here than around Chacala. Bottles of water are less than 20 cents US. Etc.
I had some laundry done this morning for 1.50US. 12 items. Buses are 27 cents US.

I have seen only a few gringo-looking tourists from the U.S. .Most gringos here seem to be European or Australian. But I haven´t seen many tourists. There have been some serious political demonstations here this past year, and tourism is down. It´s very sad for all the crafts people.

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