Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Chacala to Oaxaxa

Today I am taking the bus to Oaxaca. I am taking an overnight Pacifico bus that skips Guadalajara (saing a couple of hours probably) and arrives at the north bus terminal in Mexico City about 6am. I am hoping to find an early bus to Oaxaca from that terminal, but I might have to the go the East bus terminal. Most of the D.F./Oaxaca buses seem to leave from there. The first segment on this trip is about $53US, to Mexico City, and maybe $25US the rest of the way.

I have reservations for the first night at one hostel, and for three nights at the other. I might stay at the first place if I like it. For my whole visit. I am thinking I will be there a week, but who knows?

I have my camera with me, but I have never downloaded from my camera to someone elses computer (as in an internet cafe). Hopefully I wil figure it out. I brought my cord, but.....

I am really looking forward to seeing Oaxaca and some of the surrounding towns and countryside. It sounds as thought there are tours and easy collectivo connections. I hope that´s true.

I am getting better and better at packing lightly. I have one combo packback0rolling suitcase. Small sized. And a woven plastic bag for my stuff of the bus: reading material, small pillow, blankt and socks. And water, etc. Now that I finally get it that you can buy anything you need whereever you are, I can pack pretty lightly.

I just ran into a website with photos of Chacala from about 8 years ago. When they were building Alicia´s Techos de Mexico rental unit. The first Techos. Great photos.

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