Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to Chacala

I have been back in Chacala for several days now. Apparently the rain and storms followed me up here. There has been tons of rain, especially at night. And wind and lightning. I love it.

And I love sleeping flat on my own bed. Alone. As opposed to sleeping on bus seats and in bunks at the hostel.

As far as I know nothing really exciting happened in my absence. I am trying to think of something excited to report, but nothing comes to mind.

Sylvestre, Trini's younger son, is 9 today. Big party. Or actually, I think it will be a small party.

People who live behind the cuestos are moving into other living spaces to get away from the rain.

Restaurant owners are cleaning up the debris washed up on the beaches.

Another person has brought untrained, uncontrollable, barking dogs to Chacala. Dogs that require a leash and go nuts when they are off the leash. I don't know what they are thinking.

The new additions are Majahua are almost done. It looks great. Karla, who is taking over Casa Pacifica's reservation service, is building a new house/rentals at the gringo end of Chacala. She is still in the U.S. but the building is proceeding.

B. and B.'s new place looks wonderful. I think they are moved in now.

There is a new rental place being built between the new red place facing the beach and the little complex of three white "Lego" style rentals. Where B. and M. stayed last winter. I didn't notice the new building until it was pretty much up.For Chacala visitors who live on Hornsby Island in the summer, please notice your island is very well known in Chacala.

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Tom said...

You know the internet makes the world small when you're in Florida, reading a blog from mexico that mentions a island in Canada you frequented 25 years ago.