Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wild Wave Days in Chacala

The waves around Chacala have gotten bigger and bigger each of the last three days or so. Yesterday afternoon and today I could even see how big the waves were there from my patio. The photos don’t really do them justice. They seemed to be more powerful than usually, and the foam from the waves was huge.In the middle of the night someone came to my neighbor’s door. Beto is a fisherman, and someone was telling him his boats were crashing into the rocks around the muelle. And so were everyone elses. This morning almost all the fishing boats, launchas were anchored out in the open water of Chacala Bay. And there was one sailing boat out there too.

About noon I heard the ambulance that seems to be stationed here for Semana Santa came racing thru town toward the muelle (fishing dock) with it’s lights and siren on. Later on I was over at Isreal’s and Chata told me someone had been screaming for help out in the water, and some boats went out to help him/her/them and everything turned out okay. Someone else told me that they were told that a whirlpool had caught the people, and that it’s a common thing to happen around here. And even more so around Mazatlan. Maybe there was a translation problem here, or at least I never heard of ocean whirlpools. But then, there’s lots of things I never heard of, and they still seem to exist anyway. I took some photos of the waves, the surf, this morning and right after sunset tonight, but none of them really showed how different the waves are from ordinary. I am going to walk the beach early in the morining, because sometimes after a lot of crashing waves there are some shells on the beach. We’ll see, I guess.There are still Semana Santa campers all along the beach. Some of them were digging moats in front of their camps on the beach, because the water was coming up pretty high. I think I would just move my camp, personally. I took some photos of a little house that may be for rent next winter. And discovered the next-door neighbor keeps all his roosters (fighting cocks) right behind the house. And I know from experience they tend to crow loudly at all hours. So maybe it won’t turn out to be a good rental options. Don’t know. I am still struggling with how much is okay for me to say when I write this. I don’t want to be screamed at or chased by a truck or on foot. But on the other hand, I have enjoyed saying what I think. I am frightened by these threats and don’t want to live in fear. Oh well, it will probably work itself out. What I will write, I mean.
Chacala is having some strange waves the last few days. The fishing boats (launchas) all had to be moved away from the little muelle, fishing harbor, just north of the main Chacala Beach, because the waves were crashing the boats into the rocks. People camping on the beach were digging moats around there cames. Very fun to watch, but kind of scary. No one seems to know why these waves are coming in. No big storms. Yesterday some fisherman had to rescue some swimmers who were being dragged out to sea.

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wayne said...

I heard that the waves in the Pacific are a result of the earthquake last week that caused the sunami. The whole Pacific Coast experienced high waves over the last few days. Yesterday Acapulco had 3m high waves that washed sunbathers out to sea! Just thought you might like to know one of the reasons you got those waves.