Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday in Chacala

Not your average Chacala day at the beach
Easter Sunday in Chacala
It’s sunny and nice, and the tourist buses started pulling in about 7am. They must be leaving home about 4am to get here from Guadalajara so early. I watched some of the visitors getting off the bus, and everyone seemed to be half-asleep, and happy to be here. The two sets of guests who were staying downstairs, sharing the bath, are gone. Early is morning. There were seven in each room, although both groups told my landlady there were only four people. There was only one bed in each room, so…..I am tired of making sure there is water in the bathroom, working against my landlady’s husband, who was in a haze, and continually drains the water system in his efforts to “help”. I finally set up a trash bucket of water and some buckets for flushing. And temporarily removed the flushing mechanism, so he couldn’t fool with it. Worked okay. The only downside is that the seven full tinachos (water storage barrel on the roof) that drained into the septic tank thru the toilet has flooded the septic. And now there is a large pond of stinking water in the back yard. I dug a drainage ditch yesterday, so the surface water is draining off. But the smell is here for now. Oh well.It is amazing the amount of garbage 14 people can accumulate in twice a day. I picked up garage and cleaned the bathroom twice a day and got bags full each time. Plus cigarette butts and vomit all other the place, especially in my new gardens. Ugh.I have mixed feeling about my landlady renting here spaces for the rest of Semana Santa. But I want her to have the income, and she is really busy at work, so…..

I am at Dona Lupe’s restaurant, computing, and waiting for the little internet place to open. He said he would be open at 9am, but I guess that was Mexican time.Last night I was wandering around, visiting, and looking around town. There are a bunch of rides, carnival rides, over in the swampy area behind the cuestos. That’s new I think. There was a new little booth across from Victor’s Pizza Place, and a lady was offering diabetes and blood pressure testing. It turned out she was Victor’s sister, along with their Dad and some kids. Victor saw me and came over to tell me that he saw his photos on the internet and that Bill and Mary had forwarded by photos to him.
After I had my blood pressure tested, 120/70, Victor called me over to the pizza stand. He said someone had paid for a half a pizza for me. I don’t know if it was him or someone else. I took a couple pieces, and we agree and I would take the rest another night. At first I didn’t want to take it, but it was irrestiable. I told my two pieces around to Mars Tres and shared my pizza with Marta. It was very good.

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