Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday of Semana Santa

Chacala now has delicious pizza, cooked in a real pizza oven, with homemade crust, available all day and evening. Very delicious. I am semi-broke at the moment, and am having a hard time staying away from the pizza place. It's reallly reallllly good.This is fish-on-a-stick, sold by a vendor on the beach.
Thursday, yesterday, was probably the peak of vacationers arriving in Chacala, at least so far. 22 different people stopped to ask if my landlady had any rooms for rent. There is a family of 7 in one of downstairs units, a room with two beds, and 5 in the other room, with one bed. They share a bath and it's been very difficult to keep everyone educated about how to fhush the very finacky toilet in the shared bath. So we are mostly waterless, for at least part of the day. Then the flapper doesn't "seat" properly, the whole water reservious drains in maybe 45 minutes. I keep checking all day long. The weather is great, warm and sunny, and the visitors are friendly and polite. There are probably 4,000 people in town right now, maybe more. Everyone is friendly and smiling. Families are walking around together, checking out the booth, and the beach and the tiendas.The noise at night has been pretty annoying, as usual. Very very very loud music until about 2am. Very very loud. I use earplugs, and run the fan, and that helps alot. Last night my new neighbors in front of the house until midnight, and left a mess of broken beer bottles and garbage and vomit in my garden. I think the wild ones are leaving today. I hope so.
I think I hav e finally figured out this holiday period. Semana Santa is from the Saturday before Palm Sunday thru the Saturday before Easter Sunday. And Pasqua is from Easter Sunday sometime into the next weekend. The "official" days off are the Friday and Saturday before Easter, apparently. But many self-employed people (practically everyone) take the week or more off. Chacala geared up for Semana Santa from the Friday before Palm Sunday thru the weekend following Easter. Or at least, that's how it looks to me.

There are no non-Mexican motor motors that I have noticed around Chacala, and on yacht. I think there about 10 English-speakers from the countries north of Mexico right now. I am guessing about 4 of us will be hear for the summer, and the others will be leaving soon. But who knows.

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myahspirit said...

I know that right now their are a lot of people and it is loud but you don't know how much I miss being there.