Friday, April 20, 2007

The New Chacala, Part 2

I guess I will eventually get used to seeing the destruction of the beautiful countryside around Chacala, but it's hard to watch. I think maybe it's a little easier to watch the landscape changing so drastically, when it's for a home for someone who loves being in Chacala, and is building a special new home for themselves or their family.

But disappearing the jungle in the name of personal profit is hard for me to stomach. Or understand. I guess I hate that as much as seeing every large and expensive homes (with swimming pools) going up around here, to be lived in for three or weeks a year. Or seeing people and realtors working to convince local people so sell their only valuable possession, their small lots, in order to make some money for themselves. I suppose I just grow up and accept that greed rules, and stop whining about it. And I probably will, because I am definitely going against the flow here.I am still back in the mind-set of a Chacala filled with Rotary visitors, and Mar de Jade volunteers, and people help build Habitat and Techos de Mexico houses, and volunteering at the Bibiliotecha, or finding other ways to learn about Mexico, and maybe help out alittle. But now people come back from having breakfast at the best breakfast places in Chacala,, saying that all the conversations there was about making money from real estate in Chacala. Or buying or selling or building for profit. Whatever.I guess I just have to keep up with the times.

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