Monday, April 02, 2007

Semana Santa en Chacala, 2

Part 1- Semana Santa
Today, in Chacala, it’s April Fool’s Day, the first day of Daylight Savings Time, and Palm Sunday. And it’s the first REAL day of Semana Santa. The beach camping areas are about 90% full. And will probably be totally jam packed with vacationers by nightfall.The beach looked like this at 8am.

I spent some time at the internet place this morning. They have added a room, next to the regular internet space. It’s games/juegos only. I am going back over all my 375 posts for this blog, trying to see whatever might inspire someone to scream at me and chase me with his truck. Or write threatening emails.

Haven’t figured it out yet, but I am editing spelling errors and deleting some stuff that seems out of place. Like references to “Friends of Chacala”, a blog which no longer exists. It takes quite awhile to re-read all those posts. I think I like what I was writing pre-camera better than what I am writing now. Sometimes lately it’s all photo, no content. But maybe that’s a good thing.I visited with Dona Lupe and family this morning. She seems to be expecting an exceptional amount of business. And has five women helping her in the restaurant. Two are daughters who live in Las Varas. Her remodeled kitchen looks great. She has five cooking areas now. A tortilla stove out front, with a meat grill next to it. A mud stove for heating large pans, and a gas stove with burners, and another mud stove. She even has a take-out window from the kitchen. But my photos didn’t turn out very well.
There were a lot of cars, trucks, tents and people in the camping and beach around this morning. Probably 10 times as many and yesterday morning.
Everyone seems to be happy and busy, setting up camp, cooking, eating, visiting, and playing.

There are vendors all over the place. So far, nothing tempts me. Good thing. I mostly spend money of food, reading material, and plants and dirt. Not much left for souvenirs.
Part 2
This is Monday, the day after Palm Sunday, and the crowds are getting denser here in Chacala. Aurora says Miercoles, Wednesday is the start of the big invasion, and that sounds right. But there are lots of people here.
I took these photos yesterday, when the waves were pretty big and breaking close to shore. That doesn't happen very often around here, and it stopped before dark. I was glad. I think those are dangerous waves.Last night there was loud loud loud music until sometime after midnight, when I shut the windows and put my eyeplugs in.
The crowds here are almost all family groups, and I love watching everyone hanging out together, laughing and eating, and enjoying themselves.

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