Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday in Chacala

I have been to lots of kid and adult birthday parties here in Chacala. Today was a nice party for a little three year old. I remember his mom being pregnant with him, and his other two birthdays. I love seeing the kids all dressed up and excited, with the mom's and grandmothers watching.And a few dads and grandads.
This was a nice calm party, with nobody crying or getting upset, at least while I was there. Actually crying babies are very very unusual around here. You hardly even here babies crying. They are almost be held or played with by adults and kids. I like that alot.

They had a professional party organizer at this party. She is the adult in the clown outfit. I think she is was from Sayulita or somewhere. She did a nice smooth job of keeping things moving. And keeping the kids in order for the pinta. They go littlest to biggest, boys alternating with girls. Itseems to work okay. There were three pinatas, so everyone got lots of whacks. Kevin and Kathy, and their son Mike were here in Chacala for three months this winter, and when they left I got to keep the kitty they had adopted while they were her. They called her Whispy, but I am still calling her Gatita, Kitty. I am waiting for inspiration. She's a sweet, talkative little kitty. I live her company;. She comes in my bedroom for the evening, sleeping in my soft chair, and then goes out for adventures all night. She has a suitor who howls downstairs alot, but that's okay.

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macmember said...

I am so glad you have adopted a cat. Our 2 bring us such joy and company.

We had a cat similar to her that we called DOLLY, because she was such a Doll Baby.

I hope she has been "fixed", since she goes out at night. A friend of mine tells me they have cheap spay and neuter places where she lives in Mexico. If not, you will turn into THE CAT LADY, with a housefull of kittys...teeheehee, very shortly.