Saturday, April 21, 2007

Starry Starry Nights in Chacala

A current visitor to Chacala is very knowledgable about stars. We have spent a couple of evenings this week looking at the skies from the Chacala beach. I am learning some new things, and re-learning a few things too. Like Orion, Venus, the Big Dipper and North Star, and some of the Zodiac constellations that I learned at school at camp.Chacala is at about 22N latitude, which is pretty far south of where I went to summer camp. It changes things in the sky quite a bit. For one thing, we can see a few stars and constellations in the Southern sky that we can't see at 48degrees north. Like the False Southern Cross. Something I never heard of.

M. is a very good teacher, and I think I finally have a handle on how things move around in the sky. Around the North Star from this location. And how the moon is moving all the time, and then the planets and then the constellations and stars. Anyway. I don't know enough to right about it.The three white rentals overlooking the beach-
If you are interested, check with Koko Bongo's owners.
It was very nice to have someone to ask questions and get clear, understandable answers. M. had an astronomy magazine with him, a current one. I think now I can finally read one of those monthly star maps. It feels have satisfying to sort of understand the pattern of movement up there. At least a little bit.

The sky has been very clear by about 8:30pm. It's dark before 7:30pm, but somethings is a little overcast before it clears up. The waves very crashing and the tide was coming it, so we had to keep moving back a way from the water coming in. I got some flea or no-see-um bites on my ankles from sitting on the beach, but they stopped itching after I put alcohol on them.I think we are having one more star lesson, later on, in a few days. Maybe from up near that big orange house straight up the hill from Juan's store. They are adding more and more lights that stay on all night around Chacala, and it's really changing what you can see in the sky. Too bad.

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