Monday, April 30, 2007

The Circus in Chacala

Last night I walked over to the field where the Circus, "Circo", is set up in Chacala. The circo is set up in the field right before the entrance to Mar de Jade/Majahua. In the big field that now serves as a socceer practice field for Chacala teams.

These boys kept me company while we inspected the animals and the premises. I never did go to the circus, mostly because it looked depressing, but also because the people who have gone said there were to trapeze acts. So.....
This pink building is a semi-truck/trailer.
The pink flaps unfold across the bottom and at either end to make a bigger presence.
The circus folks arrive in trailers and small motor homes. And park in a big circle.

I like this little goat. He looked very clean and well care for. I'm not sure about this animal. The noise from the circus has been horrible. For two or three hours each night. And for several nights that noise was followed by the "disco", at Acela's. Ugh!!!!