Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chacala and the Kinder Kids

Some visitors to Chacala brought some great school supplies down for the Kinder (kinderarten), xuring the Semana Santa two week school vacation. Amy and Tim brought some great items, plus some gardenings magazines for me. Perfect!!!! She is the editor of the magazine, which I really enjoyed. I have passed the magazines on to other English speaking gardeners around Chacala.
Christine also brought some really nice school things. She and I walked over to the school when she was here and took some photos of her at the school. This is Christise with a bag packed with school goodies over her shoulder. I delivered the bags on Tuesday, the first day of school. And took photos of some of the kids. It's all boys this year, ages 3 1/2 year through 5. Recently, there was a period here when eight out of the nine kids born in Chacala were boys. That should be interesting as this group goes thru school.The Kinder complex is two buildings connected by the bathroom, with septic tank, electricity, and running water, and safe, level fenced playground. Some Rotary groups have done amazing work on the school buildings in Chacala. And the Bibliotecha.
Edwardo, the young man in the red shirt, is the teacher, and he maintains calm control of the kids with a lovely sense of humor. The boys seem to love him, and they are learning alot, with lots of energy expending breaks. They built the buildings for the kinder and the junior high, and furnished the whole new Junior high building. Rotary is amazing. I never knew until I came to Chacala how much work they do all over the world.

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